The rooms

We currently provide 3 rooms for our guests. They are all very large and each has its own terrace and a bathroom for exclusive use. We have given each one a name; we called them like the winds that come from the respective direction: Libeccio, Grecale and Scirocco.




Room Libeccio 


Room size: 20,2 mq

Bathroom size: 4,5 mq

Overall: 24,7 mq

Terrace: 6 mq

Available as: Twin, Double, Triple, Quadruple (with bunk bed).

Libeccio is the largest room of the three, and this is why – when guests who travel in a group or family contact us – we gladly propose this room as a triple or quadruple. Even the fact that the bathroom is detached from the room (it is next door, in the corridor: the guests of the room have exclusive use of it) facilitates a more discreet and peaceful use of the available spaces.

This room faces the hill: from the window and the small terrace you can enjoy the greenery that surrounds us. The olive trees on the terraced sloped hill in the property’s grounds (together with the other trees and shrubs that make up the local flora) create a hospitable terrain for all the animals that populate the area. It is from this room that you can enjoy the birdsong most of all or you can surprise the deer that occasionally venture close to the house.

The terrace allows you to enjoy the cool of the evening in complete privacy.

Room Grecale


Room size: 16,8 mq

Bathroom size: 6,0 mq

Overall: 22,8 mq

Terrace: 4,9 mq

Available as: Twin, Double, Triple, Quadruple (with bunk bed).

Personally, I love the room “Grecale”! It is the newest of the three rooms and – in designing it – we thought of all the details to make it more welcoming and cosier. The internal bathroom is very large and is furnished in a modern way. The walk-in shower is really special! In short, you can truly enjoy every moment of your stay in total relaxation. The rest of the furnishings are also very modern and welcoming, and the light coming from the large French window illuminates the spaces in an enchanting way.


Here it is: the French window. As in the best Instagram reels, this one opens onto a terrace overlooking the sea. The view you enjoy is wonderful! Truly, you have to come and see it to understand the wonder you feel! What’s better than waking up in the morning, opening the window and seeing the sea? For early risers, from the terrace you can see the sun rising over the sea. For others… well, just close the shutters.

Room Scirocco


Room size: 18,2 mq

Bathroom size: 6,4 mq

Overall: 24,6 mq

Terrace: 14,3 mq

Available as: Twin, Double, Triple, Quadruple (with bunk bed).

Scirocco is another dream room! A short antechamber leads to the core of the room which – like and perhaps even more than Grecale – is literally submerged in the light coming from the French window. The morning sun illuminates the original parquet floor (which we kept during the renovation works) and gives the room a special colour.


Looking at the large built-in wardrobe on the left wall, you will discover a secret: one of its large doors does not give access to a compartment for storing clothes, but rather opens up to a hidden bathroom. We were also very surprised when we saw it for the first time! The bathroom is large and is equipped with a huge mirror and a walk-in shower


The terrace that you will have at your disposal is very large, and overlooks the sea. It is ideal for having a chat with friends or drinking a glass of wine after a long day on the beach. Can you imagine a more relaxing situation?

What’s included

Additional Services


The property has a WiFi network, with good signal in all rooms and common areas. So you can stay connected 24 hours a day

Our welcome

By booking at our B&B, you will come to our home, our family’s. And our family is ready to welcome you.

We will be there at the time of your arrival, to show you the structure and describe the services. And – you can be sure – to give you some tips on what there is to see, discover and taste in our beautiful area!

We speak Italian, English, French and Spanish.

Breakfast times

Breakfast is served between 8:00 and 10:00. We are absolutely available to meet the needs of those who have to leave early. For any need, just ask!

Free Parking

The property has a large parking lot where up to 10 cars. And it is – of course – included in the price. If you have an electric car, we also have two charging stations.

Checkin & Checkout

It is possible to check-in from 15.00, while we ask that check-out be done by 11.00. We have some flexibility on timing, as long as there is no other guest due to arrive.

Welcome kit

In the room you will find everything you need for your stay with us, whether it is for a single night or for a week. And in particular, we will provide you:

  • Towels (large shower towel, hand towel, bidet towel)
  • Hand soap
  • Shampoo and Body Wash
  • Toilet paper
  • The bathrooms are equipped with a hairdryer
House Rules

We believe that you don’t need complex rules, but that you just need common sense to respect the house, its furnishings, the owners and other guests. In any case, here are some points that we believe it is right to make explicit:

  • It is not possible to organize parties, nor to play music after 10.00 (so as not to disturb the other guests). In general, we ask you to keep the volume low.
  • Unfortunately, we are not equipped to accommodate four-legged guests.
  • Smoking inside the house is prohibited (including e-cigarettes). Each room has its own terrace: we therefore ask our guests to go out to smoke.
  • To those who use the kitchen, we ask you to restore the spaces to the state of order and cleanliness in which they found them, so that other guests can also enjoy the same possibility.
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